Dear editor
The mean streets of Maidstone continue to claim their victims. No week is complete, it seems, without a news update on their vendetta against hapless citizens.

‘Newcomers recently in our midst are dangerous’, cry the headlines. Grim tales follow, of sharply dressed pavements harbouring fraudulent intent – an inclination to deceive the unwary traveller; granite-faced heavies lurking on every street; law-abiding bus operatives – ‘clipped’ for refusing to yield to immovable street-corner bullies. Normally perpendicular pedestrians – abruptly rendered horizontal! In short – inanimate, low-life objects are ganging-up on us! Homo sapiens maidstonei is under attack from the new kids on the…er?… blocks.

This hysteria has gone too far. Can we step back (with due caution, of course) and think rationally?

A good many adjectives could justifiably be levelled at the design of the new town centre; ‘crass’, ‘unimaginative’, ‘aesthetically challenged’, inappropriate’ and ‘incomplete’ are just a few. But, ‘dangerous’, is just silly.

We are supposedly the superior species. Descended from homo erectus and homo sapiens, we have developed a vertical posture and large brain. We are the upright, knowing species; evolved this way and surviving, precisely because we adapted to change. For sanity’s sake – not to mention, survival of the species – please urge your readers to emulate our ancestors; stand tall, look around you and learn to adapt to a new environment.
Yours faithfully,

sapient maidstonei

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